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    Donating Member Status Question

    Is there a lag time from donation payments to status updating?

    I ask this because I just noticed that as of today, I am no longer listed as a donating member in spite of having a paypal receipt from 5/31, prior to my anniversary expiration verifying that I had made a donation, (something I have done above the minimum option annually since that option became available sometime I think in 2008, maybe sooner since I just noticed my White Blaze donations started in 2006).

    I noticed this when I tried to read donating members forum threads and could not then noticed that my PM box which had plenty of space yesterday was now 100% full. In fact, I would have sent a PM to a moderator but without deleting a large number of messages, I can't send a PM.

    If I need to do something on my end to correct this, please advise.
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