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    Quote Originally Posted by bmlarson View Post
    Well, that's what you get when you live on an island!!!

    Have you had a chance to test it in the cold yet?

    Did you notice any cold spots due to the sew-thru baffles?
    No not in testing and no chance to sleep in properly, I am off at the end of the week for 7/8 nights backpacking in Wales so will have a proper test there. Hopefully by hanging just loose enough under the hammock it will provide an adequate amount of warmth except for really cold temperatures. I usually take a down jacket or vest top so could drape that underneath my main sleeping area if it is a bit chilly.


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    Well Nigel, happy trails and I look forward to hearing a report from you when you get back!!!

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    Any update on this m8? I like your design and may make my own very soon.

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