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    What kind of thread?

    I was wondering what kind of thread was the best especially for doing your own straps on a consumer machine. I would think that it would be some kind of high strength nylon, but can that work on a non-industrial sewer?

    Also, would this thread be available rurally local like at Wally-World?

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    Most use Gutterman poly thread with no issue's! You can get a pretty big spool at Thru Hiker!

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    Do not use nylon. It will give your home machine conniption fits and it stretches like mad. What you want is 100% polyester for gear making. Wally World has Coats and Clark thread. Or at least those with fabric depts do. It is _ok_ but not the best. But if that's all you can get locally then it will do. Avoid the cheap-o thread at all costs. It will leave foo foos all over your machine which will get sucked into the innards and cause the gears and shafts to be covered with felt over time. Never mind the breaking and other performance problems.

    Guttermans and other fine brands are available on line from some of our member vendors.
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    I sew with nylon 100 percent, I dont like tying off threads, i like to melt them. and I have had the same problems with polyester, with the tensions set just right both work great.
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