Hey everyone, I totally forgot that I have a friend here at work that sews, and she'd be more than happy to give me some lessons, sooooooooo, I think I want my first project to be straps.

So I need to know the following:

1. Where do I buy the webbing?

2. What strength does it need to be tested to?

3. How wide does it need to be?

4. How long is a good length for each strap if I want to try the speer 4-way wrap and then maybe convert to using buckles? (I'm not cutting my spectra just yet, but will tie it to a loop I sew into my strap or use a biner or something)

5. Do I need a special heavy duty needle for my friend's sewing machine, and do I need some special thread?

6. Will I most likely need to add a piece of yarn for drip strings now...in case the straps flip into a U shape? If so, where do I tie them on?

7. When sewing the loop on the end, will a box stitch w/an "X" in the middle be strong enough to hold?

8. Anything special I need to consider?

THANKS!! Depending on how easy it is to find the material, I might try this as early as next week. Kind of excited about it!