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    Super Shelter Mod initial phase.

    So I did it, and don't regret it.

    I got tired of the elastic from the bottom entry of the SS, and since my diy zipr has left the bottom entry pretty much useless i just went ahead and cut it.
    I did it yesterday and was pretty exited at first because it was just so great to feel again the space and comfort of the hennessy, even with the under pad attached. But i did get worried it would loose its insulating properties... nope, at least one successful night with ocf pad only on bottom (and undercover) and fleece blanket on top with boxers and cotton shirt, it was in the mid 60s when i went to sleep at 9 pm.

    The entry does have to be shut some how, but im still not sure what do do about it.

    I'm definitely going to mod it as the new versions that can be dismounted without removing the hammock's suspension, but for now, some pictures i took yesterday and today, i hope you can make sense of the ones sown only the ss from inside..

    Not only does it feel better it also looks better.
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    I removed the original bungee from the SS entry slot and replaced it with a longer one with cord lock. That way I can slack the bungee and the entry doesn't bunch up. Good for getting everything in place inside the hammock. Then pull the bungee tighter and secure with the cord lock to restore the self closing feature of the SS entry slot.
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