Well, my BlackBird has landed.

Last week Brandon and Opie sent me emails saying that my packages were on the way. Wanting to watch my bird in flight, I went to the United State Post Office web site and signed up for all emails and notifications so I would make sure and be home when the Postperson arrived. The USPS guys are not like my UPS guy that knows where to put stuff in case I am not at home.

I watched every day going into the weekend and yet no movement on my bird. Then my package from Opie was at least at the Post Office in Lansing, but alas, it moved no farther. My poor BlackBird must have been wounded as it had not even left its nest according to USPS. I watched all weekend and neither package appeared to be on the move. I checked again on Sunday night around midnight and still nothing. I was beginning to think there would be no “hanging” for me this week in my new shelter.

Checking my emails this morning, the USPS now says my packages have magically gone from still being in their nest… to being at my local Post Office ready for delivery. How could that be? I signed up for tracking? I guess the USPS has a different business philosophy of the meaning of tracking than everyone else. As a disclaimer, I have been a UPS pilot for 21 years and guess I have gotten used to our way of tracking packages.

The main thing is the Priority Mail goodie packages from Brandon and Opie have arrived save and sound and are now set up on the back deck. I want to play with the adjustments, inspect the products and get familiar with everything before heading out on a trip. The quality appears to be superb and the “lefty” WBBB fits me perfectly. The weight of my new rig with tarp is lighter than my old rig without a tarp. Setup in half the time.

Brandon and Opie, thank you for your fine products. If either of you ever decide to change your choice of shipping companies, I might have a recommendation for you.