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    Here is what I have already set up for my thru-hike, January 27 start date.

    For the base:
    HH Hyperlite with snakeskins. I have added a couple of carabieneers for a little faster set up. 22.22 oz
    HH Stock tarp with JRB slingshot tie outs - 9.33 oz
    A 1/2" Oware pad with a mummy cut - 9.72 oz
    2 MSR needle stakes - 0.64 oz total
    And a Hungry Howie down quilt - 18.02 oz
    Stuff sack for the quilt - 0.78 oz
    Total = 59.71 oz or 3.73 pounds

    With this sort of rig I am comfortable into the 40s and can make it to the 30s.

    To take me down a little lower:
    JRB No-Sniveler Under Quilt - 21.27 oz
    JRB suspension system - 1.13 oz
    Total = 22.40 oz or 1.4 pounds

    With this added on I am comfy into the 30s and can make it into the 10s or 20s.

    Then for the really bad weather I also have this stuff for a back so I can shield the system or go to ground:
    JRB Weathershield top and bottom - 14.49 oz
    JRB Stuff sack - 0.46 oz
    Emergency blanket "groundcloth" - 0.88 oz
    Total = 15.83 oz - almost a pound.

    When I start I will have all this stuff in addition to all my clothing. The whole hammock kit is 98.94 oz or 6.2 pounds

    My experience with this layering system is I can be comfy down in the 20s and make it down to the single digits while still hanging. As I proceed north and the weather improves, I can send home stuff I do not need.
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    NO SNIVELING! - Hiking H.Q. - the BMT Thru Hiker's Guide

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