Hey guys, I made a rough UQ today and decided that the DIY KAQ is probably going to be the easiest way for me to get insulation under my HH clone. I also have a good amount of IX, enough to make two single layer UQs (making one for a friend.) I was thinking I'd then add the scraps from the side of IX to the torso section to double layer it up so that it's warmer and nothing is wasted.

I am also thinking about adding a layer of cheap polyester batting to this, because I already have it and I can't afford anything else. Probably between the outer layer of ripstop (not going to use an inner layer) and the IX.

So does anyone see any problem with using the KAQ pattern with Insultex? I know it's fussy and I have almost zero experience with underquilts, so I don't want to waste my material and time.