Not a hammock newbie, just a cold weather hammock newbie. Overnighted in the Spsey Wilderness this past weekend and temps dropped to 31º by 5:30 Sunday morning. Overall I slept fine in my HH with homemade underquilt (from a Thinsulate insulated GI poncho liner, a 1/2" CCF pad in a SPE 2x2, smartwool long undies, wool socks and fleece hat with a 15º degree down bag as a quilt) but by 2:00 am condensation had formed on CCF and uncomfortable cool spots developed. Put on down jacket for rest of the night but still was not as warm as I would liked to have been. Just wondering if an insul-mat, Big Agnes, etc. might be a big improvemnet. Can't afford a JRB underquilt this year.