Alright, since the weather is supposed to be nice and clear and it's not yet the weekend I'm thinking of doing an overnight tomorrow (6/9) in this area of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'm thinking of departing the trailhead at the end of FS Road 816 at about 9 am on the Ivestor Gap Trail, joining the Art Loeb Trail at Ivestor Gap and continuing to Shining Rock Gap to camp, then returning on the Art Loeb Trail over Tennent Mtn and Black Balsalm Knob back to the trailhead sometime Friday afternoon.

If anyone has any info on good hammocking spots in this area it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if the low in Waynesville at 3000 ft elevation is supposed to be 59 degrees, the low at 5800 ft elevation should be about 49 degrees? Do you think I'd freeze in my Hennessey Explorer (with side zip) with just a blue pad and a 45 degree sleeping bag for a top quilt?

Also, I know this is a snap decision but all are invited if you can make it. This is the time year when running to the cool mountains instead of trying to sleep in the humid lowlands is a wise decision!