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    Until getting involved here on HF, I never thought about the fact that there are two kinds of "camping." I though everyone, like me, simply hiked through wilderness until tired and then set up camp, wth no one else for miles around. Then I heard about group hangs in campgrounds where there are cars! Oh my! As a matter of fact, I'm attending my 1st such event in Texas this weekend.

    I can see that this is a different ball game when it comes to wilderness(?) management, due to the concentration of people.

    I can also see that my wilderness solitude picture wouldn't work too well with the 50 people planning to attend the hang this weekend.

    I suspect that the folks that set up this "campground" concept, never envisioned a swarm of hammockers descending upon them like locusts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigred72 View Post
    Yes, no problems so far. I have been to the Uintas, Escalante, up and down the Wasatch front, Logan Canyon and many other places. The couple of rangers I have bumped in to have not had an issue. Been up to Idaho as well and no issues in my experience.
    Thanks for the info bigred72
    Haven't seen too many Utah folks on HF so far. I go over to Flaming Gorge to float the A section & fly fish, so I'm camping in campgrounds. Hopefully I'll have no problems if I bring my hammock. Good to know that you haven't had problems anywhere else in Utah or idaho.


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    Well said.

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    I have found the SC State Park personnel to be very practical and accomodating when it comes to hanging.

    I have hung in several SC State Parks with no problems.
    Jones Gap several times
    Sadlers Creek several times
    Dreher Island once
    Devil's Fork several times.
    I sometimes get a ranger visit but not always. When I have, it has never been a problem.
    The rangers at Devil's Fork gave us their blessing for a group hang last month.

    Camping on the Chatooga, in the Sumter Nat'l Forest last weekend, a ranger stopped by to look at our blackbirds. We had three up. Gave him the $2 tour of hammocks, tarps, and UQs. He was very interested. His only comment was that one of our hammocks was too close to the river, but since it was off the ground and would have MINIMAL impact, he was ok with it. Just asked that I use caution getting in and out so as not to damage the vegetation.
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    Take a tip from the Geocaching community in Minnesota.

    Until not long ago, Geocaching was illegal in Minnesota state parks. Through consolidation of voice and common sense, they got thier point accross to the state park system that it is A) not damaging to the environment and in fact helped it (cache in-trash-out) and B) Cachers use the park and spend their money. They saved receipts from every time a cacher used a park and showed how much they use the asset.

    How do hammockers get that done?
    I don't have an answer for that.
    Perhaps a sub-forum here for hammockers to log how often they use a State park, or how often they went elsewhere due to restrictions. Also, I can tell you that when at state parks, because of my awareness to trees, I find myself pulling nails from trees and cutting down remains from string-constrictions.

    Thinking out loud.....

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