I scored big time on Craig's List last night. I got a 15* North Face down sleeping bag for $25.00 (and a Fat Eddy fleece liner) in near perfect contition. The bag has been stored correctly, in a cotton storage bag but it smells musty because it was in a storage unit.

I have been reading up on washing down bags because it's been a while since I've had to wash one and I ran across two references to Tricot mesh used as baffles in a sleeping bag instead of NoSeeUm:

From Thru-Hiker article:
Down bags that use a tricot mesh for baffling material can be safely washed in a front-loading washing machine. I don't recommend washing a bag with no-see-um netting baffles in an machine, though, as the netting is a lot more delicate than the tricot. If you're not sure if you have tricot mesh or no-see-um netting, hand wash your bag.
and Feathered Friends article:
Feathered Friends sleeping bags are tougher than you might expect. The tricot baffling we use is nearly as strong as the nylon shell;.....
I had never heard of Tricot baffles but if it's gonna make a tougher quilt, that's probably the route I want to go. I Googled Tricot mesh and it came back with a few sellers but I didn't see fabric weights or anything like that.

Anyone had any experience with this Tricot mesh?