I am preparing for a fast two-day hang in the White Mountain National Forest in NH, and thinking about bottom insulation because of the radical temp drops in the mountains at night.

I will be hanging (FIRST hang ever! in a new HH Expedition, with a larger Camo HEX Fly and Snakeskins.

Worried about bottom insulation, I am thinking of trying this set-up:

Inserting full-length 3/8 inch CCF (have it already, maybe need to shape it? Cut into sections?) into a Fleece bag that I have, and placing it INSIDE the hammock, but UNDER my 20* sleeping bag. The fleece should add some warmth, and keep the CCF from getting wet, and be a layer between the sleeping bag and the CCF as well.

Thoughts from The Hanging Elders?

Oh ...I will be hanging right next to a riverbank as well (Fly Fishing Hang), so there will be mosquitoes and other flying creatures around - and the CCF may protect by backside from bites, I think.

Please speak, O Wise Ones!