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    Which hammock system for 3 seasons under $300?

    I do a lot of canoe and kayak camping in temps ranging down to upper 30's (in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area) as well as river camping here in KY. I am looking for a system that will allow me to handle temps like this without going over $300 if possible.

    Have looked at Hennessy Expedition with super shelter; Hennessy Deep Jungle with the double liner and insulation pad; ENO products and Blackbird.

    To get the insulated system with Blackbird I will be at least $50 more then the two Hennessy options.

    Any thoughts?

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    Quilts :P
    here is an option ....

    WBBB $175
    IX UQ from $60
    Tarp 9x7 $31.99

    Total $266.99

    this will leave you with money to spare ...and a nice setup

    the IX UQ will get you down into the 30's Temp wise no problem
    this way when you get a few $$ down the line you can upgrade to a nice tarp

    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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    eureka chrysalis

    This hammock has been written off by the backpacking community because its so heavy and they are right. But for 3 season canoing it's ideal. I used in Algonquin park this spring.
    It is an open bridge hammock design which won't compress the sides of your regular three season sleeping bag In addition the built in hammock enclosure helps to preserve body heat.
    I find a regular thin blue pad not enough for sub 30 degree F weather but a 1/2 inch or more of ccf is fine. I also find myself putting my cooking tarp over top of the hammock and integrating the two.
    It lists for around $200 but you can find it on the web as low as $129 and it lets you use your existing equipment.
    My only complaint is with bug Management. Last week in Laverendrye park, the height of black fly season was too much for it. They found ways to crawl in. I had to light a smudge underneath the hammock to keep them away.

    By the way, I am a geologist/prospector with 40 years canoe camping.


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    DIY, gathered end , w/ spreader
    DIY w/ pull-outs
    DAM/ HG Incubator
    Webbing and rings
    Thanks for the report Rocket. There are things about that hammock that I find interesting & would like to check out in person some day.
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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    "40 years canoe camping."

    thanks so much for the report on the Chrysallis.

    I am part of a group of men that do several overnight river trips by canoe and kayak here in KY each year. . .and two trips to the Boundary Waters each year.

    The river trips don't involve portages so weight really isn't an issue. With the kayak. . .it is more bulk then weight I deal with.

    My concern with some of the hammocks is that to handle the temps i am looking at the hammock, the under cover, a pad of some type, and tarp.

    The Hennessy expedition Asym with the super shelter is going to tip the scale just over 4 pounds. Add the larger tarp and some a reflector sheet and we are getting near 5 pounds.

    The Eureka site shows the Chrysalis at 5 pound 10 oz.

    My question then. .is there really much weight difference in the two after you pimp out the Hennessy?

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