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    attaching rope to gathered end hammock question?

    I made a gathered end hammock and had it tied up with some heavy rope. It worked fine for hanging in the backyard and making a pattern for my bug net. I now want to make new rope attachments for the tree.

    What method should I use to attach to the hammock gathered end? Knots reduce strength.

    Any tips for splicing 1/4 poly rope without a tool? A bic pen is to large unfortunately.


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    A lark's head to connect the rope to the gathered end. To make the lark's head loop you will have to either tie or splice. Depending on the rope you use, a knot should not reduce the strength below what you need.

    I use a long piece of wire folded in half to make a splicing tool. Rather than pushing with a pen or equivalent, you pull. Push the wire through "backwards", place the tip of the rope in the folded "eye" of the wire, then pull the rope through.

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    Larks head it is. I would like to splice though.

    Do all splices require removing material? I'd like to use a simple tuck and stitch. My rope has a "inter-rope" very similar to 550 construction. I don't think i'll be able to pull my rope through doubled over.

    Any ideas, or should I just knot my eye and still use larks head for attachment?

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    It's much harder to splice "cored" ropes, lots more steps, making sure the core isn't loose since it's usually the load-bearing part, tapering the strands, etc. If you're trying to stay away from knots, look up the double sheet bend. It's dead simple to tie, and extremely secure.

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