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    My first hang and my DIY pad

    I'm planning my first outing in my HH Exped Assym with my DIY SPE and wanted to camp out in the back yard to check to see I would get cold. It was supposed to get down to 50 degrees with a moderate breeze. I put a 3/4 length Ridgerest pad and a 1/4 inch ensolite pad inside my SPE. I didn't think I'd get too cold so I just used a cheap, crappy 50 degree summer sleeping bag as a top quilt. I crawled in the hammock wearing 100 wt. polarfleece pants and a T-shirt with a 200 wt. polarfleece jacket, wool socks and synthetic booties.

    About 15 minutes into the hammock I got so hot I had to take off the booties and sleeping bag. I ended up sleeping on top the sleeping bag and was still borderline hot. By the time the night reached its coldest, I was just about right, maybe a little on the hot side.

    With this little experiment overwith I'm thinking that I could probably get away with just the 1/4 inch ensolate pad and my normal 32 degree down bag as a top quilt for night time temps down into the upper 40's or low 50"s. Does this logic seem about right.


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    Glad to hear you had such success. It's good to know you have more insulation than needed rather than less!

    The only way to know if the 1/4" pad and 32* bag will take you to the 40s is to try it. You definitely have a shot at it but the pad might be a little thin unless you sleep warm. Let us know when you try it.

    I love your podcasts, been listening for quite a while. Glad to have you on Hammock Forums!

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