I'm planning my first outing in my HH Exped Assym with my DIY SPE and wanted to camp out in the back yard to check to see I would get cold. It was supposed to get down to 50 degrees with a moderate breeze. I put a 3/4 length Ridgerest pad and a 1/4 inch ensolite pad inside my SPE. I didn't think I'd get too cold so I just used a cheap, crappy 50 degree summer sleeping bag as a top quilt. I crawled in the hammock wearing 100 wt. polarfleece pants and a T-shirt with a 200 wt. polarfleece jacket, wool socks and synthetic booties.

About 15 minutes into the hammock I got so hot I had to take off the booties and sleeping bag. I ended up sleeping on top the sleeping bag and was still borderline hot. By the time the night reached its coldest, I was just about right, maybe a little on the hot side.

With this little experiment overwith I'm thinking that I could probably get away with just the 1/4 inch ensolate pad and my normal 32 degree down bag as a top quilt for night time temps down into the upper 40's or low 50"s. Does this logic seem about right.