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    HH Scout Ridgeline Issue

    My GF and I had our first hang this past weekend, me in my HH Explorer and her in an HH Scout. On the first night we noticed her RL was sagging considerably leaving the net hanging in her face. The next day I went to figuring out what to do. I ended up lowering her tree huggers and tightening the WSs and that worked, pulling the RL taught and thus giving her a better hang and keeping the netting out of her face. I thought the RL was there to keep a constant sag no matter the hieght of the huggers. Am I wrong in this assumption?
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    Yes, it will give a consistent sag, but only if the hammock is hung tight to start with. What likely happened is the hammock/suspension/huggers were nice and snug, but stretched on her during the night.

    This is expected, but only takes a few 'hangs' to fully stretch out. The side tie-outs make a big difference depending on where they are tied for keeping the net away from the face. (Parallel to the ground = better)

    There are tonnes of detailed accounts of 'how tight' to string a HH. I like being able to deflect the ridgeline 0.5 - 1.25 inches (90 degrees) wide.
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