I just spent my first weekend in the wilderness sleeping in a hammock. IT was awesome and the most comfortable sleep I have had in the wilderness. (pics here http://www.hammockforums.net/gallery...age.php?i=9720 )

I got my first hammock for my birthday last week, a Clark NX200, having had this on my wishlist for a year now. The temp got down to the high 20's the last night and I was very comfortable in my Clark every night. (total of 3 nights).

The only problem I had was pitching the rainfly tight enough to keep it from snapping. When a gust of wind swept through my campsite the noise of my rainfly snapping woke me up. The ridgeline of the rainfly is held by those 2 bungee cords and I could not get the tarp taught enough without fear of snapping these when I got into the hammock.

Has anyone had any experience with the Clark rainfly and pitching it tight enough to keep it from snapping but without pulling those bungee cords all the way out?