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    Help with Huggers/Modifications??

    OK, Newbie hammocker here.
    I have the HH Deluxe Explorer. It comes with 42" Huggers. If a tree is less than that in diameter, but not enough to wrap the huggers around twice, do you still use the huggers and tie off even if the ends are 10" from the tree trunk?
    Conversely, if they only go 3/4 of the way around the tree, do you still use huggers and loop your knot around and between the rope and the tree trunk now?

    has anyone used Mil-spec sewn tubular runners or webbing instead of stock huggers? My thought is that with a 72" piece of webbing or runner, I could quickly tie a water knot and use a 'biner to tie my hammock rope into.
    Any other thoughts on this.
    I see you folks are a pretty creative group and I am not that comfortable with the sewn loops on the ends of my OEM huggers...
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