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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    the 1" camo polyester webbing from is rated to 2000#, and is very light and low stretch.

    if you can't sew loops, a local seamstress could do it in about 5 mins, probably for very cheap.

    if you order the webbing from you can have them sew the loops for you for less than 5$ extra, but they only have 3500# polyester webbing which is almost twice as heavy.

    i would go with sewn loops for 2 reasons. sewn loops are stronger than knots, and it is much less bulky. if you wrap the tree and thread one loop through the other, a sewn loop is easier to pass through and take out than a big fat knot.

    go with polyester though. nylon sucks b/c of stretch and polypro is weak for it's weight. 1" polypro (heavy weight) is only rated to 800#. sounds like alot, but i think slowhike broke some. bet he had sewn loops too, knotted would break even easier. remember, forces involved are much higher than actual bodyweight due to the angles involved with a hang.

    I just bought some of that 1" camo polyester webbing. I really like it.
    Slowhike you still thinking about getting some?
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