I am curious if anyone wants to go in on a group buy of military poncho liners? I did some preliminary research and found some government auction sites that sell surplus gear.

A bin of poncho liners, roughly 100 liners per bin, is around $150 (bid). They have some bins with around 150 liners, making each poncho liner less than $2/ea. I've seen similar bins at my local army surplus store and know that each bin has a mix of like-new and used liners.

Since this is a government site, the sell is done by auction, and it may even be on-site. I'm not as familiar with the process, for example, can we put in lower bids and get a bin of ponchos for less? Is there anyone on forum who knows more about this process?

Even at a few dollars a poncho liner, I would buy up several and give them away as summer quilts!