Hi guys.
My name is Phil.
I've been a tenter for too long, don't hold it against me. I have evolved and am know a proud hanger.
I've only had a hammock since the end of May. But I've been out at least one day every weekend since.

A little about my setup. Spurred on by Shug's video's I've made changes and streamlined my setup a little every time. Not so easy to get Amsteel or Dynema over here, but I'm working on it. Still using webbing for hammock suspension.
Using a DD Frontline Hammock. Finding it pretty comfortable, if a little strange. My back feels great but my sleep is a little broken and disturbed.
Got a couple of tarps 3m by 3m and a 4.5m by 3m. At the moment I'm flying the tarp via a ridge line, centered and tensioned with prusiks' on either side. Still using standard guylines. Got a Snugpak underquilt and overquilt.
So think I got the basics sorted.
Which is good because I'm off to Gränsfors Sweden for a month long hang. While there I will be learning to blacksmith and exploring the local area.

If anyone has any wisdom or ideas to make my hanging better please let me know.
It's great to be here and I hope I can contribute constructively