It is with great pleasure that we announce that Dutch Clips will transition from Hammock Forums to Jacks R Better, LLC, effective 17 June, 2010. The new and improved Dutch Clips have arrived and are available. The JRB web site page for Dutch Clips should be up and running by close of business today.

Dutch will continue to actively participate in the development and promotion of the Dutch Clip product line.

As for product development, JRB is proud to announce that Dutch has trimmed the Dutch Clip to 12 grams, or significantly less than 1 ounce per set. Thus the new and improved Dutch Clips are less than half the weight of the Camp nano biners. Even better the transfer of the Dutch Clip home for distribution to JRB gains an economy of scale operation and a price reduction to $11.95 per pair. As an added bonus, a portion of each and every Dutch Clip sale goes to support Dutch's local Meal On Wheels program.

Additionally, the new and improved Dutch Clips will soon be joined by the availability of one inch tree saver straps sets in both regular length pairs of 42 inches and a long length of pairs 72 inches.

We are very excited about this venture with Dutch as he shares our strong commitment to Quality Products and Customer Satisfaction. This partnership will enable Jacks R Better, LLC, to expand our hammock suspension capabilities and thus offer our customers increased options and greater product selection and availability.