It's really nice. I know everyone else on here has said that, but I really like it. I got the 1.1 dl. I changed out the suspension (added whoopie slings) and slept last night in it.

Here are my impressions: The lay is really nice. I do think I need to make or find a small pillow, but that's a minor thing. I thought that the "shelf" would be kind-of "gimmicky" but it's not at all. It's very convenient. The stitching and sewing is top notch.

I've thought long and hard and can only come up with 2 minor gripes. First, I didn't care for the buckle type suspension. I might have been doing something wrong, but it really locked in tight and was difficult to loosen. Maybe having two slightly different shaped buckle pieces (offset tabs or something) would give more purchase to pull them apart.

my only other minor gripe is that the zipper pull tabs are small and cylindrical. If they had a hole I could add a bit of cord or something to them. I can still thread the cord through the actual slider part of the zipper, so it's no big deal.

Other than those minor things this hammock is pretty much perfect. It took several minutes of lying in comfort after waking up this morning for me to come up with those two things.