I have been to the 2 local wal-marts here, and have found no silnylon. 1 store didn't even have a bargain bin, and the other had some interesting camo patters but no sil. and there are no Wally Worlds, so I am out of luck.

my camera phone isint working now, so I cant get pictures up, but will soon. the camo fabrics are as follows:

1.9 ripstop nylon (maybe some form of coating) in woodland camo
a nice digi camo, not RSN, but a little harder to breathe through and feels strong
more woodland camo (lighter color), once again seems pretty strong
a camo pattern that looks kind of like a rug, real heavy and thick.

there are also Halloween patterns, like urban camo, where the white are ghost

the first camo feels like a real nice hammock material.

i do not know when i will go back to that walmart, as it is pretty far away. most of the materials is not $1/yd, so i cannot be an even yd fo yd deal, but whatever.

I am looking for 1.1 oz ripston silnymon, and 1.9 oz black DWR ripstop nylon