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I was just spending some time checking for some.

Amazon.ca has some for sale but the shipping doubles the cost.
I found a store that sells 1.25% spray for home and gardens around the GTA. Don't know how effective it would be on clothes.

I was considering the same thing, maybe a weekend camping but that will likely have to wait until after bug season starts.

If you do go and want to take orders....

BIG SIGH - I called Urban Nature because the product listing doesn't show manufacturer nor an inert ingredient list. The answer - they kindly checked with the manufacturer who says that under Canadian law they don't have to disclose non-active ingredients and won't and that they absolutely DO NOT recommend the product for use on clothing!!

Sucks big time, I thought I'd finally found a permethrin product in Canada.

If anyone who lives close to one of their stores wants to try it out on a scrap of fabric like ripstop or sil, please note that this is 1 1/2 times as strong as Sawyer's so it needs to be diluted further than any instructions on the container.