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    Using cams/webbing for suspension

    Can you use nylon webbing with metal cams in place of tree huggers and suspension. I use this system on one of my hammocks with a biner attached to the hammock which clips onto the nylon webbing strap which is wrapped around the tree. To tighten the susupension simply tighten using the cam. I used the cam/straps from the tie down system on my Thule and Yakima kayak carriers.

    They look something like this in case your not sure what I am talking about:

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    The thought of using cams has crossed my mind a time or two, but I have avoided them for a couple of reasons. The first being the weight of the cams. They are normally made from steel and are pretty heavy as compared to ring buckles or cinch buckles. The main reason is that I have yet to see a cam with a working load higher that 300-400 lbs. I just don't think that is enough for a hammock suspension.
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