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    Will MacCat deluxe work with Snakeskins

    Will MacCat deluxe work with standard sized Snakeskins for my HH asym ?

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    I use seperate snakeskins for tarp and hammock. I'd use #3 skins on the MacCat.
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    I also use seperate snake skins for my Mac Cat Deluxe. The only issue (if you can call it that) is that the skins are not long enough to cover the whole tarp when you hang it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DGrav View Post
    I also use seperate snake skins for my Mac Cat Deluxe. The only issue (if you can call it that) is that the skins are not long enough to cover the whole tarp when you hang it.
    I used skins with the MCdeluxe, but I can't remember if they are size two or 3, I'd have to look up my last order. I have used the #4 skins with hammock, supershelter (pad removed)undercover and even including MCdeluxe, all together.

    The MacCat deluxe will work with the skins while attached to the HH suspension as it was normally designed. But it will not be as slick as with the stock HH tarp. This system is the smoothest there is. The two lateral "points" of the tarp drop down when you loosen from the stakes and be very close together. I just reach to the other side and pull that tarp point together with the other tarp "point", if you know what I mean. Kind of hard to put in words. then, while throwing the guylines into the tarp, I lift those "points" up to the ridgeline, and start rolling things up, and then pull each end of the skins over tarp, hammock and SS. At setup, undo the skins and the tarp is there ready to be staked to the ground. And if I need a tighter pitch for really windy, stormy conditions, I can still run a line from the tarp to the trees, instead of the "normal" HH suspension.

    It won't work as smoothly with the MC connected to the HH suspension, because you have to control a wider tarp with four guy "points" during roll-up, but it will still work. So the whole system is a bit slicker when ( watch the SuperShelter demo video at the HH website) used with the stock HH system, but:
    A: then you are stuck with the stock tarp which most seem not to be satisfied with and
    B: Most ( me to, mostly) tie the tarp to trees anyway, using separate skins for the tarp, if they use skins. This also leaves the tarp free for set up without the hammock, say for example, at trail breaks during rain/wind or for shade. And it might(probably is) be more secure to set up the tarp separate in the rain. Though the HH folks I talked to seemed pretty gung ho the benfits of using their skins/tarp/hammock together in storms.

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