Finally ordered my first hammock.

BMBH - 11'x10' Cat Tarp Combo w/Green Tarp
JRB Tarp Line & STL Set (11' x 10' Tarp)
McNett SilNet Silicon Seam Sealer
Vargo Aluminum Summit stakes qty 6
NITEiZE Figure 9 qty 2

Besides TQ and UQ, am I missing anything?

TQ and UQ - plan on using my BA aircore pad with a mid-weight fleece liner [200 wt. fleece which should be plenty for summer time]

In the Fall, I will try my Marmot Helium bag with Z-rest vs. BA Encampment with BA insulated aircore pad.

Any suggestions on whether pads should go in pocket vs in the bridge?

Wow, I can't wait!