I am going to try making my own quilts based on the excellent instructions provided by Hammock Engineer. I plan to use 1.1 oz DWR nylon from Thru-hiker but I have a few questions first.

1) What is the difference between Momenum 90 and 1.1 oz DWR other than the weight? It doesn't seem to me that using the more expensive Momentum 90 would save you significant amounts of weight. Are there other reasons to use the fabric?

2) Are there any appreciable differences between 1'sts and 2'nds? The 2'nds come in Black and Dark Green which I think would work better for me. I wouldn't mind blending into the woods a bit better than the orange color would allow.

3) Are there any appreciable differences between 2'nds and Walmart $1 fabric. Of course, I have no idea what fabric I can get at Walmart. I wouldn't recognize 1.1 oz DWR if I found it and I certainly can't choose the colors. Seems to me that I'm safer paying the big bucks for the Thru-hiker fabric.

4) Finally, are there other fabric sources I should consider? I suspect the price will be about the same, but I wouldn't mind a better selection of colors.

Thanks. This should be quite the project. I've never touched a sewing machine but my friend Bmlarson has convinced me that he can teach me what I need to know. The only thing I've got in my favor is that I'm an engineer and, therefore, anal retentive by nature.