MrsMustardman and I decided to head to Buffalo Peaks Wilderness, in the Pike National Forest for a relaxing two-day backpacking trip. For this trip, we would be covering 11.8 miles in a subalpine loop hike connecting Rich Creek Trail to Rough and Tumbling Creek Trail.

It turns out DanaMac had the exact same idea, and we missed him by less than a mile on several occasions. For the camp out on Saturday night, we camped on the very edge of the meadows where the two trails met. DanaMac was just east of that juncture, and probably less than a mile from us. Later, on Sunday, we ran into two hikers who were resting after one of them had tripped, and they noticed our AARN packs, and said "you guys MUST be with the couple who just passed us". After talking to them a bit, turns out that the couple that just passed them were sporting AARN packs too, and one mentioned that he was the distributor for those packs in North America - yep, our very own DanaMac again, missed by less than ten minutes. We never did end up running into them, but it was cool to know that there were two sets of hammockers using AARN packs on that trail this weekend.

More details and a full trip report in the next post.