Hi all - I'm new to the forum and soon to be new to hammock camping.

I've been "researching" hammocks on the net for about 2 weeks. The Clark NA and the Hennessy Deluxe seemed to fit my needs the best. I spoke to both extensively over the phone. I decided to try the Clark first because the Clark return policy is more definite (90-days) than HH's ("we have taken returns in the past").

I also think that (but will have to test whether) the top weather shield and the 6 storage pockets will be advantageous for cold weather sleeping. HH had a package for cold weather sleeping options, but it involved several pieces and I figured Id try the simpler approach first.

But I am concerned about the Clarks length and width - I'm 6'3" and have broad shoulders. I have been experimenting with sleeping in a parachute hammock and I sleep very comfortably Brazilian style. It is longer and wider than the Clark so I'm a little concerned about whether I'll be able to achieve the same comfort level in the Clark. I'll let you all know how it turns out after my backyard field test.

In the meantime, I've been reading about the use of pads for additional cold weather comfort and found the SPE through references in this forum. Looks like a great idea, but it seems to me that it could be easily duplicated, and perhaps improved upon, by using just industrial strength Velcro (1 side with stickey tape) to attach the wings to a pad. I'm going to experiment with that also.