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    Cold hammock and 'lil cold, wet me

    I am going up in the mountains tomorrow so I need some pretty quick advice, if possible. (I would usually plan better, but well.... long story)

    The temp. will be in the low 40's or maybe 30's (depends where I camp on the mountain), probably rain, and I use an HH expedition. Last time I was in low 40's I wore my underarmor as an inner layer, fleece sweatshirt as outer. A beanie (probably cotton), cotton socks and no pad from my zero degree bag and hammock.

    Basically, my feet were frozen and most of my legs were too. Upper body was fine.

    Since I don't got that much time ( 1 day ) I was planning on buying some wool socks from some generic department store and maybe a wool beanie, one of those blue pads from walmart, and I have also seen some cheap rain gear there too. 20$ for rain pants and jacket. I wish I could remember what they were made of. I think there were nylon on the outside and fleece on the inside... not sure though.

    Please share some knowledge on my possible decision. Hopefully I can aquire what I need before tomorrow. Thanks for any and all help

    P.S. I also have one of those self-inflating air mats. that's supposed to inflate to 1.5 inches, but to me it looks like bearly 1 inch. I probably made the mistake of buying it cause it was the cheapest darn thing I could find for air mats.

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