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    (disclaimer: I'm writing this at 11:30pm and sleepy eyed so please excuse my grammer and poor story telling)

    Yesterday I got my Mac IX UQ for the WB BB. It is incredibly light , but doesn't seem to compress at all, but the lightweight makes up for it.
    I immediately ran out in the back yard and set up the WB BB and attached the Mac IX UQ to it. The shock cord just slips over the gathered end. I also learned a new knot that Mac used to attach the shock cord to the IX UQ corners. Great product!
    It was a hot humid night at about 85* so I had the IX UQ off to the side under the WB BB shelf. My 6 yr old son decided to sleep in his hammock too.
    After being woken up about 3 times by my wife walking out side to check up on my son I fell in a deep sleep. At around 1am it finally cooled off enough to wake me up. I pulled the IX UQ under me and immediately felt the warmth. Had no need for a TQ tonight.

    The next day I had off from work so I decided to sew on a 1.7 nylon shell onto the IX UQ. I tried 4 times to pin the fabric. The differentials make it real hard to get it right. Then I got an idea to use the couch cushions and pillows as you see in the pic. This made pinning the fabric much easier. While I pinned it i tried to make sure the was plenty of slack in the shell so when it is in use the shell wouldn't interfere with the hang of the IX.

    2 hours later I'm ready to sew! I get the machine all set up and thread it. I do a test sew on an old t-shirt and of course I have loops on the bottom. AUGGGGGHHHH!!!! I tried to get the machine working for another hour with no luck. I finally switched back to general purpose thread and used that for my UQ. Ugh. I don't think my machine likes polyester thread. Hopefully later I can sew the IX UQ again with Poly thread but for now this will do.

    On the head and foot ends I sewed a channel for a future Shock Cord, but according to Mac, I shouldn't need it.

    Here are the pics, enjoy.
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