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Hello all. New here. Never hung before so hammocks are new for me.

I want to buy a hammock to bypass carrying a tent on motorcycle trips. Setup is quicker and easier than a tent.

I looked at the ENO and they look nice and from what I've read here, they're durable too.

I'll prolly end up getting the Double nest. A few questions for you folks:

1) The general consensus was that the Slap Straps ENO sells for suspension were no good. Is this still the case?

2) There are better tarps out there than the one ENO sells? I am looking for a larger tarp. Something that I can park my motorcycle under in case of rain. It's about 7.5" long. Any recommendations? Would I be better off grabbing one from from Walmart?

I have more Q's that escape me right now.

I have the ENO double nest and have yet to spend a night in it...but take it with me on fishing trips each and every day since buying it several weeks ago. It takes about 3 minutes to hang and I can rest when I like. Since I fish from sunup till sunset and it has been in the high 90's here it is nice to catch a little nap in the shade around noon. Best buy I have made in a long time. It is very comfortable and boy do I get a lot of questions about it. I have the Kelty Noah 12X12 tarp. I think it is a good tarp and at a good price. After much reading and questions on the forum I will be getting Opies Whoppie Sling. I tried the straps and they stretch way too much. Would have already been using the hammock 3 or 4 nights a week but am receiving silicon injections in both knees so have to stay close to home for a couple of more weeks. There are lots of good hammocks and I suppose each has their favorite. The Hammock forum is the place to get all the facts...that much I do know. Watch some of the videos and do some reading and you will save yourself some headaches out on the road. I am sure glad I found the forum.