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    Heading for the desert in a month

    Hey guys,

    I bought a claytor jungle hammock about a year ago, and have been using it during a couple of camping trips, however next month I'm headed out for a Simpson desert trip (Middle of Aus) for a couple of weeks.

    There won't be any trees out there, but I reckon I'd rather try string it up between either some poles or roof racks/bull bars of the 4wd's. The alternative is buying a swag (although I'd prefer to hang so I'll probably assemble something similar to that treeless-pole setup and take that along)

    A couple of questions about improving my current setup;

    Previously I've been using a sleeping bag inside the hammock, however this gets crushed and doesn't proved much bottom insulation, so now I'm looking at underquilts. Is a KAQ Potomac a good size for my Claytor JH? should I be looking at the alternatives that KAQ offer?

    I've ordered 1 HH snake skin (#4), for the hammock, will another #4 be suitable for the tarp, or should I go DIY?
    Do snake skins work well with underquilts as well?

    When using an underquilt are standard blankets adequate? or should I also be looking at topquilts or modifying a sleeping bag?


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    The KAQ Potomac is asymmetric and designed for the Henessey... Check with Paul at AHE, but you might be better with a new river or lost river... that said I don't have a claytor... Check with Paul. My lost river (2/3rds length) keeps my back nice and warm, but my feet need additional insulation... (I've used a pad and reflectix) If I had to do it over again, I'd get a full-length UQ.

    I have a mummy bag that I use as a top quilt with my underquilt. I use a safety pin to lock the zipper (forming the footbox) and just drape the rest around me. In the event it gets really cold, I can always crawl in and zip up.

    Whatever you decide, do yourself a favor and test hang to get an idea of what to do, and you'll need to tweak your UQ to get it to fit properly... Don't try that in the field...

    Have fun in the desert!
    "Do or do not, there is no try." -- Yoda

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    AHE offers two Kick *** Quilts that will fit the Claytor Jungle Hammock as underquilts. One is full length, the other is 2/3 length. I believe both are offered in wide versions, so you have a choice of four synthetic-filled quilts.

    You'll eventually want a topquilt -- less weight to carry, and less bulk in the hammock. If your underquilt covers your sides well, you'll find a narrow topquilt is just fine, as your underquilt is keeping your bottom and sides warm. I like to use a synthetic topquilt I bought for my son to ground dwell with. It's too narrow to work for me on the ground, because I move around enough that I can't tuck it around me to seal off drafts. However, in my hammock it works perfectly, either just laying on top of me when I'm using my Speer SnugFit, which covers my sides well, or tucking it around me when using my JRB Hiker/Biker Quilt, which tends to pool its down underneath me (it wasn't designed as an underquilt).

    Good choosing. If your Claytor is in cammo, AHE offers their quilts in a cammo that would go well with it. You might stand out in the desert in a jungle cammo kit.

    By the way, what are you planning on hanging from in the desert?


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    attached: from the article linked in the original post, I'll probably setup something like in this picture

    I've yet to look for some good tent pegs to tie down the cables (any tips on affordable lightweight long tent pegs?)

    So KAQ New River? (is regular or long more appropriate?) or the New River XL? so many choices
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    Yeh mate, if you're goin out into the desert I know it gets pretty cold. I'd suggest getting a thermarest and sleeping bag if you're going to spend a lot of nights on the sand. I rekon it's the best solution for your situation. If you're taking two hiking poles you can atleast turn it into a small tent.

    UQ can lose their loft if stuck between a body and the ground just like a sleeping bag. That's why it's good to go the thermarest in my opinion.
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