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    High Sierra Sniveller

    JRB is introducing its newest quilt the High Sierra Sniveller this weekend during the 4th of July Sale...All who wish their Snivellers were just a little wider should check it out... Designed primarily as a winter top quilt for the UL ground dweller it also excels in a hammock, especially for the larger folk.

    Ounces to Grams. ... Largest supplier of camping quilts and under quilts...Home of the Original Nest Under Quilt, and Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock. 800 595 0413

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    Quilt Tucking in Ground Sleeper Mode

    I now have a Stealth(long) and High Sierra Sniveller(long). I was wondering how others or even the owners might suggest the best way to maintain a tuck of these quilts underneath the body while on top of a pad (quilt mode) as a ground sleeper. There are 4" grosgrain loops available on either side of the quilt to make an attachment (Stealth has two). On the High Sierra Sniveller a carabiner is even supplied. Is there enough girth to make the inner grosgrain loop connection with a carabiner without some additional cord(shock/bungee)?

    Is there a better way to do this to assure no drafts?

    I am aware of the use of a quilt revision to extend the omni-tape so to establish a "top bag" design making a connection to pads with an omni-tape mirror strip or buy the JRB pad (I assume is still available). I prefer the quilt mode.

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