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    noob with questions, sudgestions

    so I humbly ask has any one ever actualy damaged treebark attaching with cordage? my wife and I are new to hammock camping and have a super simple setup. I use the cordage that came with the kalisto I use with a double ring attachment at the hammock and a length of cord with a figure 8 on a bight on one end she uses 3/8 dock line that was on clearance a wm, but any way we make a constricting loop around the tree using the loose end for a guarda hitch in the double rings. i personaly have never seen any damage to any bark on trees we hang from even with the thinner line from my kalisto

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    I've seen bark damage to a couple of trees with my webbing, so I imagine the cordage would have done the same, or worse. However, careful tree selection will go a long ways towards preventing damage. Good to stay away from the soft barks regardless of what suspension you are using.

    However, I think the larger issue is one of perception. People think that cord causes more damage, so they react in a negative manner. Using webbing, or webbing huggers, lessens the knee-jerk reaction from folks IMO.
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    Ditto the damage with webbing, albeit slight. This was on a relatively robust oak, so there's no doubt in my mind a thinner barked species could be seriously damaged.

    We already have reports of parks that forbid the attachment of anything to trees, so we're trying to do what we can to keep those proscriptions from becoming more widespread.

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