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    Looking to make a Bishop style Stuff Sack

    Okay I got my hammock tricked out with brand spanking new WhoOpie Slings. I went to put the hammock back into the snake skins and realized how much was taken up by the stock suspension ropes. One skin almost covered the entire hammock, two was overkill. I bought a couple of JRB quilts that came with some cordura stuff sacks. I don't use them for the quilts, I put them both in one sea to summit bag along with my clothes to keep them nice and dry.

    All that to say, I was thinking about converting one of those bags into a Black Bishop style stuff sack. I punched a hole in the bottom of the bag and ran one of the slings through it and stuffed the rest of the hammock into the back. It seems like a great solution, it certainly is less bulky.

    My question/concern is this, should I reinforce the hole to keep it from continuing to rip or get bigger? I was thinking putting a grommet there to shore it up. I would welcome any ideas or thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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    If it's ripstop fabric, and the cord doesn't move around too much, you should be okay. You might take a pointy piece of metal and heat it up and sear the edges of the hole. That'll keep threads from pulling, and maybe give it a bit more abrasion resistance too.

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    It depends in part on how you made the hole and what size it is. If you made the hole with an awl or something like it to simply apart the threads then you should not have a problem with fraying. Even if you broke a minimal number of threads you should not have a problem. If you cut or punched the hole then you might want to do something. However since it is waterproof bag the fabric coating should stablize the fibers. At least until the coating wears out. The easiest way IMO would be to simply take a small Bic ir other lighter and sear the edges of the hole. I personally don't like grommets. I find DIY installed grommets are very much prone to failure unless they are install with a sufficiently heavy press. I have never found whacking the inserter with a hammer to be an effective and secure attachment.
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