I don't have a sewing a machine and although I can sew by hand if need be, I don't like doing it and I don't have the time. So I look for ways to make things without sewing. In anticipation of delivery of my Clark hammock, I'm experimenting with making an SPE equivalent but with an attached hood to keep it from sliping.

I started with a walmart $6 cfc blue pad - 20" wide and 1/2" thick. My first thought was to cut four 10" wings from the bottom of the pad and then connect them to the remaining pad by putting grommets along the sides of the main pad and the wings, and then tying them together. Unfortunately, I could not find any grommets for thicker material (nor "eyelets" large enough), although I'm sure some can be had by mail-order. So I just put duct tape over the edge and about 2" in on both sides of the pad where I ponched holes with a hole cutter. I then tied the wings with string.

I tied the first set of wings even with the top of the pad because my idea is to attache some sort of hood or hat with ear flaps to the top of the pad. I'm thinking that the hat will keep the top of the pad and wings at sholder length and prevent it from slipping down the hammock. I'll put a grommet in one end of the elastic to attach it to the pad and probablt use no-sew snaps in the other end of the elastic to snap to the hat or hood to avoid any sewing. The elastic attachments will give some leeeway to move my head without moving the pad. I can proably get a cheap coat with a snap-off hood from the Goodwill store.

If I ever get this contraption perfected I'll post detailed instructions and pics.