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    SOLD: 2 Knives. Heresy I know...

    I am not a collector of gear. I like to find the right tool, or tent, or hammock for me and stick with it. Unfortunately it usually takes me a few tries before I find The One. And thus to recoup (some of) the losses of previous (perhaps, ill advised) purchases, I get to sell off perfectly good products that I will likely never use.

    And so for sale:

    1) SOLD Rat Cutlery (now ESEE) RC-4P DT, plain edge, desert tan blade, linen micarta handles, 1095 steel. As shown below with kydex sheath, Molle attachments, RAT survival tips card, and (not shown) original product instruction sheet (pen shown not included). Purchased December 2009 from (RC-4) for $92.90 including shipping. Held, fondled, cut some sheets of paper to ribbons, but otherwise never used and unmarred. Will ship to you (CONUS) for $75.

    2) Bark River Knives PSK, Redwood Burl handles, 13C26 steel. Includes both the kydex sheath it came with and a black Bark River leather belt sheath I purchased separately. Purchased May 2010 from (PSK) for $123.16 with shipping + $16.95 for sheath. Like the RC-4, it's been held, cut paper and fingers (blade cleaned ) but has not seen any other use and is also completely unmarred. Will ship to you for $100.

    Paypal works for me.

    For the curious, my Benchmade Mini-Barrage arrived today. Love the Axis-Assist and geometry of the blade. Have been playing with it all morning and I am pretty sure it is The One for me (famous last words).
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