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    Quote Originally Posted by AduroNox View Post
    I currently sleep full-time in a brazillian hammock, basically a large cotton sheet. I was considering getting a Mayan hammock, but wanted to hear some thoughts on the matter before I go off and buy one.
    I got a Mayan hammock from Ebay for $42 for sleeping at home, but it was very loose netting
    that I could stick my fingers right through. So that was a waste of time and didn't work out for me.

    I've decided to construct my own DIY hammock from cotton material.

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    This last week I bought the cotton 'yarn' from the local yarn guy who delivers to post enough yarn to make a double hammock. He wanted $200. I walked away at $150. I came back and paid $120. For the yarn. In various left-over colors he had after supplying the rec center on post. It is very thick yarn, about the diameter of my little finger. When there is an open weaving frame on post they will let me in the 'class' and I will start learning how to make a Honduran hammock. It won't be light weight. The yarn alone is 20#. It is set up to use wooden poles along the width at each end. I'll convert and make it a gathered end if at all possible. I'm also planning to buy a couple of hammocks locally before I leave here in various styles. Surprisingly, I want one made of the cheap, brightly colored plastic yarn just to see how it lays and to have one to put up and not worry about. I'm figuring the way Murphy works, that cheap hammock will end up being my favorite. The craft fair is on post next week where local artisans come and set up under tents. I've just looked so far, maybe this time is when I'll actually buy. I'll try to get more pictures of the local offerings.
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