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    straight out of the Twilight Zone

    I am not making this email exchange between me and Hammock Engineer...

    From: grizzly.adams.adventures in domain gmail point com
    Subject: from Grizz
    Date: September 28, 2007 1:01:42 PM CDT
    To : Nate in domain pocketmail point com

    "GrizzlyAdams" from the hammock forums here.
    The last couple of days I've been at a meeting at West Point.
    I know the AT goes by close to there, over (as it happens)
    the Bear Mountain Bridge (over the Hudson River)
    after which the JRB hammock is named.

    At at 11:15 today (Friday, 28 Sept) I was driving south on highway 9W heading to the airport,
    about a mile or two on the west side the bridge, and I passed someone that might have
    been you (I've seen pictures recently in the gallery for a Ed Speers hang a while ago).
    My impression was of a thru-hiker, but rumor is that you're tall and I was not immediately
    struck by height. The pack was on the large side but not as large as I might expect.
    The hiker had a face like yours, glasses, and a handerchief on his head.

    I've been reading your journal and did a mental calculation that it _could possibly_
    be you. The initial undercertainties and my disinclination to approach a complete
    stranger and ask if he was the Hammock Engineer kept me from pulling over immediately.
    A couple miles later I figured I had to ask, just in case. Backtracking, though the hiker was

    In case it was you, sorry I missed you. Seems a long shot, but...

    I'm enjoying your journal. Are you typing all that out with your thumbs????

    From: Nate in domain pocketmail point com
    Subject: RE:from Grizz
    Date: September 30, 2007 4:33:56 PM CDT
    To : grizzly.adams.adventures in domain gmail point com

    You know that had to be me. That was pretty much when I was walking down there. I took a town night and stayed at the holiday inn there. I was walking back to the trail then.

    No way you could have known, but it would have been fun to meet you and chat. The more I think about it, that is pretty strange. I wouldn't expect to be driving in a car out of town and see someone I know walking down the street.

    If you make it this way again let me know. I am skipping the gathering though. I want to take a couple days off in unionville and rest up. The mayor there lets hikers stay at his house.

    Oh and yeah I am typing with my thumbs. I am getting better, but it still is a lot slower than a keyboard. If I do this again, or when, I am going to look into PDA phones with a seperate keyboard. I just need to find one that will let you compose emails when you don't have cell service. That was the downfall of my phone.

    You know I got to say something about this in my TJ.


    Tell your friend about PocketMail and let the savings start rolling in!
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