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I design websites for fun and profit . . . I wouldn't have noticed the pictures being close to the top of the page unless it was pointed out to me....
The first thing you want some one to do is scroll. . .
If it starts with an up - - - you will get a down scroll.
It is a web builders secret trick
If the surfer does not scroll they leave.
Leaving translates to zero possibility of a purchase.

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. . . Our web site is a bit rough around the edges, but it is a work in progress. . . .
I design websites as well . . .
Yours is excellent . . .
I especially like the ropes down each side,
I wondered what it was all about so I scrolled to see the visual reward
the hammock attached to each side . . .

VERY COOL - visually
VERY COOL - from a make them scroll aspect.
VERY COOL - from a marketing stand point

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I agree with the original posters suggestion.
I also find myself wanting to scroll up.
Again it is working because you then scrolled down.