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Wecome SoCal. So when are you coming to Big Bear? Iol
Wow! you must have a lot of great areas up there to hang your hammock. I go to Lucerne a lot for the rocket launches. I see that sign pointing up towards Big Bear. One of these days I am just gonna follow it.

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Welcome Brian ~ I am in So Cal too. When I hike it's usually in the San Gabriel River section of the Angeles. You're out near Castaic, I see, and the Western Angeles forest... Feel free to let me know if you're in my area, I'll do the same.

PS - Trigger Happy is in the perfect hiking area. (But I'm afraid of bears in the higher country
Use to live in Monterey Park. Been to the San Gabriel river section many times in my younger days. Gotta get back there soon.

Thanks everybody for the welcome. I already got lots of great info. This site is fantastic.