I've had my first UQ for 6 weeks and slept with it in place about a dozen times from about 33 to 48* or so....I am very happy with it with the minor adjustments I made at the low end of the temp range.

Various UQ users and some mfrs occasionally claim that their quilt is ''good to 50*" or some other temperature. Some times with a caveat statement like but I'm a warm or cold sleeper or ymmv.

I can & have dealt with other vague or ambiguous advertising in the past.... no problem. Many sleeping bag makers used to be optimistic in their ratings and others pretty close, for example.

BUT This place and the suppliers here are several cuts above others and I would like to understand what these UQ ratings statements assume and mean. More specifically what level of sleeping bag or quilt, night clothing, head, foot and neck wear are assumed.

Is this somewhat standardized?? I suspect not ... so will carry on as wisely and informed as possible as always.