Peter-Pan - looked at the pictures on your web site - looks like a really nice hammock.

4 questions:
  1. you have webbing coming from the corners on each end of the hammock forming a triangle. How long is it from the point of one triangle to the point of the other triangle??
  2. How long is it from one spreader bar to the other spreader bar.
  3. how long is the webbing from one corner to where it meets the webbing from the other corner, i.e., the length of the triangle side, and
  4. the length of the spreader bars. The web site says the bars are 2 16" pieces. How much do they spread the hammock when fitted in place?
Now I know that the above lengths will probably varying with how you hang, but what would be the lengths as shown on your web site??

From what Grizz is doing on his Bridge Hammock, it seems the spreader bar lengths are important in determing comfort level.