Hi All
I have finally uploaded a photo of my stand attempt.
I wanted a single pole stand that I could attach to the ground and hammock at one end and to my car and the hammock at the other end so that I can hang when car camping. I cut the wood I needed and decided to use my daughter and her hammock I made as my test hanger.
It went kinda well in the beginning but I found it hard to hold up the pole with no weight in the hammock, this may be different if I had a structural ridgeline on her hammock as I could get some tension in the set up.
I got her to get in while I held the pole and no matter which way I moved the pole on the ground it just would not stay straight. The photo below shows the best that I cold get it with her in.
I would now say this method will not work although Risk seems to have got it right, so I will have a go with two poles set up differently next time.

All the best