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    Hi All
    I have finally uploaded a photo of my stand attempt.
    I wanted a single pole stand that I could attach to the ground and hammock at one end and to my car and the hammock at the other end so that I can hang when car camping. I cut the wood I needed and decided to use my daughter and her hammock I made as my test hanger.
    It went kinda well in the beginning but I found it hard to hold up the pole with no weight in the hammock, this may be different if I had a structural ridgeline on her hammock as I could get some tension in the set up.
    I got her to get in while I held the pole and no matter which way I moved the pole on the ground it just would not stay straight. The photo below shows the best that I cold get it with her in.
    I would now say this method will not work although Risk seems to have got it right, so I will have a go with two poles set up differently next time.

    All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceatc View Post
    This seems kind of ridiculous, but I need a little advice on building a hammock stand.

    I'm thinking of building something like this and simply putting a screw in each end to guide the rope or tree hugger if that will work.

    I'm not sure if this sort of thing has even been done or discussed (possible I guess), but my description is just a theory.

    I already have some 2x4's and brackets are cheap. Stand looks very simple and I believe it would hold.

    What do you guys think?
    What if you were to put a 2x4 across the top from end to end like a ridge line?

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    Why not just use this for hammocks hung without structural ridgelines?

    You could probably attach an elbow with pvc pipe to each end to give more height to attach a rainfly. Looks easy to assemble.

    And you would think there would be some brackets that you could use to attach pipe to make a hammock stand.
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    the one pole method won't lean at all if you use 2 stake points rather than the one.(you have to also use two lines though(one for each stake), using one long one instead will still allow the pole to lean).

    like someone said, the yard screws are really strong in the right soil and two should be plenty strong in your yard or similar deep soil, those 14" snow stakes might work too, and depending on how much line you wanted to use, i bet you could equalize as many regular stakes as it takes, and would probably be a major pain, but i bet it would work.

    another key is to use a ridgeline, this will allow you to keep tension on the thing while you are setting it up, and keep it from falling over before the hammock gets tied/weighted. this is just as important as the two stakes rather than one thing.

    i am working on just a stand. i am about to order some aluminium tube for the poles, each pole will collapse into (3) 2 foot pieces, or (2)3 foot pieces, haven't decided yet. the aluminum tube is light though, less than 1/2# per foot. i think it will be strong enough.

    here's the link to the other thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunn parker View Post
    This idea looks good to me and would be useful when car camping but, would that peg or any peg for that matter hold into the ground well enough?
    I would think there would be lots of strain on the peg and the rope leading down to it.
    the force on the stake depends on the angle of the post. the post should be facing away fromt he hammock. the steeper the angle it is at the less force is applied to the stake and the more is applied down the shaft of the pole into the ground.

    sure would be nice if there was a treking pole that could handle it, but if you don't mind a full-on walking stick it should be doable.

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    I'll post up some of my hammock stand pictures later today.

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